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Larger Cod-quotas in the Barnets Sea
Norwegians and Russians have reached an agreement on the Cod-quota in the Barents Sea for year 2004. The Cod-quota grows from 395.000 tons of un-gutted catch to 486.000 tons. –

The Haddock-quota also grows about 30.000 tons buts Capelin is not to be caught.

According to these changes the Icelandic quota will grow close to 1200 tons of gutted Cod. The Icelandic fisheries – in the UK and Germany – also have substantial fishing-permits in the Barents Sea so for them also there is more fishing.

Cod-quotas in the Barents Sea 2003 and 2004
-2003- tons-2004- tonsChange
Barents Sea395.000486.00023%
Norwegian shorefishing40.00020.000-50%
Cod-quotas total435.000506.00016%
Cod-quota - other contries55.90068.80023%
Cod-quota - Russia183.550212.60016%
Cod-quota - Norway195.550224.60015%

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