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European Seafood Exposition
In face of growing activity Islenska umboðssalan sent six of their sales-people to Brussel this year. Our booth was exemplary and our people performed like having our own booth was an age old custom instead of this being our second year.

A steady growth of customers in past years makes a exposition like this one in Brussel very valuable to us as a meeting place with our grown customers. Meeting face to face, revising the past and planning the future. But apart from this being number one reason for partaking we also came back home loaded with new contacts, new ideas, and an important knowledge of that is happening in the seafood industry worldwide.
For its 10th anniversary, ESE brought over 1160 exhibitors from 67 different countries under one roof. Together they covered an exhibition area of over 21,000m²
It is estimated that 1000-1200 Icelands visited or participated in the show.

Looking back we everything went well and the Trade council of Iceland is due thanks for their contribution. We hope that next year all and every Icelandic company participating will unite to show the strength of Iceland in the world of fish.

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