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Boston seafood show March 12-14th 2002
Islenska umboðssalan (the Icelandic sales agency) participated as usual in the Boston seafood show of 2002. Our representatives could be found like in resent years in the booth of Artic fisheries, which is our main dealer in the US.

The Artic fisheries booth was very pleasing to the eye and their main effort was on advertising Icelandic products. Visitors and by-passers alike were offered to taste Icelandic haddock deep-fried “American fashion” and every one agreed upon it being the “best fish in the world”

The show went very well. Maybe a little less visitors than in resent years but the people that were missed seemed to be mostly those who could well be missed.
Nothing really new could be seen at the show but growing product involvement from the Russian and the Chinese defiantly indicates that we here in Iceland need to be aware of stronger competition year by year as the quality of their products grow better.

The American market is fairly strong and we think that now, in the year 2002, we can expect more export to the US – in almost all “classic” American products even though “frozen at sea” is most popular at the moment.
Sales on 5 lbs have gone down and it is not easy at this time to pinpoint it’s successor.
Our main marketing effort will though as always be on securing sales of products that are most beneficial to our producers here in Iceland

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Boston seafood show March 12-14th 2002

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