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Chinese competition
On 26 September 2003, the fisheries newspaper Fiskifréttir published an interesting article based on a talk given by Jón Garðar Helgason, Managing Director of Icelandic Norway AS, at a marketing meeting held recently by Icelandic Seafood.

It should be clear to all concerned that competition from China has been on the increase from year to year. The effects of this competition for the Norwegian fisheries industry have been substantial, and are certainly a cause for some concern. Over a five-year period, the ratio of processed products has decreased from more than 50% to 30% of the total exports of fresh and frozen seafood.

Also, the difference between China’s and Norway’s cost price for the production of frozen filets is astonishing.

The following table gives a comparison of the production of frozen filets in China and Norway:

Raw materials, price NOK/kg19.2518.00
Utilisation65% 53%
Cost of raw materials29.6034.00
Production cost3.2515.00
Other costs*7.002.70
TOTAL 39.9551.70

* Mainly transport costs and capital costs

All those engaged in the Icelandic fisheries industry must be aware of the challenge posed by this competition. Members from all levels of the fishing industry – catching, processing and sales – must combine forces to maintain the position still held by Icelandic seafood products.

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