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Delegation to Norway
On 6-10 October, the Icelandic Sales Agency Ltd. took part in a delegation to Norway under the auspices of the Trade Council of Iceland.

The main purpose of the trip was to promote the company in Norway, as both a supplier and a buyer in the Norwegian seafood market. Also, the goal was to gain a better understanding of the Norwegian market in relation to import as well as export from the country.

As a result of this trip, we expect to add Norway to our map of market countries, we hope as both a buyer and a seller. This will enable us to expand our marketing area for certain products, and to increase our product range in our major markets by adding products from Norway.

Norwegian producers are under attack from an increased supply from Asia. The Norwegians are in a more difficult position in this respect than Icelandic producers. However, we believe that Norway will remain an important world-wide supplier of seafood products. The Icelandic Sales Agency aims to take an active part in forthcoming developments.

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