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Europes premier number one web site for fish landing and prices.

Icelandic Marine Research Institute that has its own one hundred year history and tradition. In the late 19th century the first Icelandic fish scientist, Bjarni Sæmundsson, commenced his invaluable work.

Interseafood offers fisheries related news. Moreover the website offers possibilities to engage in your own selling and buying of seafood products.

NS-Inspection Body!
NS-Inspection Body is the oldest and largest private inspection body in Iceland. In 1993 it was approved by the Directorate of Fisheries as independent inspection body. In 1998 the company was granted accreditation as third party inspection body and is pr

Seafax.com / Gofish.com
International newswire website, reporting on fishing, rearing, processing and everything else that has to do with fisheries. Furthermore it is linked to other fisheries related business sites.

Seafood utilization, processing and markets.
Here we have lots of useful information about the fishproduction in Iceland. This is from a website called "Responsible fisheries" and is in the hands of the information centre of the Icelandic ministry of fisheries.

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