Krókháls 5F, 110 Rvík
Tel +354-590-1900
Fax +354-590-1990
About the Company
Mission Statement
The Icelandic Sales Agency specializes in international sales and distribution of Iceland seafood products. The company’s two major aims include:
  Ensure that producers obtain excellent services and are guaranteed fair prices for their products at all times.
  Ensure that purchasers obtain excellent services and guarantee steady supply and availability of seafood products.

In order to combine these two objectives, we commit ourselves:
    To provide reliable and up-to-date information on market developments at all times.
    To ensure that transport costs and sales commissions are at a minimum.
    To build and maintain personal links with all our customers, thus creating trustworthy business relationships between producers and purchasers.

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Mission Statement

The Icelandic Sales Agency

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