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Bjarni V. Magnússon (08.09.1924 - 17.06.2000)
Bjarni Viðar Magnússon was born in 1924 in Akureyri. Upon completing his matriculation examination from Akureyri Junior College, he went abroad and studied Agricultural Economics at the University of Agricultural Science at Ultuna in Sweden. These studies were not widely accepted within the agricultural scene in Iceland, and therefore, Bjarni decided to study Economics at the University of Iceland. Afterwards, he went to the United States where he received a Master's degree in Economics from Columbia University in New York City.

After finishing his studies, Bjarni began working at the National Bank of Iceland (Landsbanki Íslands). However, his interests were already verging towards the export business and when he was offered a job with the export division of the Association of Icelandic Cooperatives (SÍS), he began a working relationship that lasted for 14 years, holding various positions, such as Manager of the Fishery Products Division, Manager of Iceland Seafood in the United States and Manager of the SÍS sales office in London. During these years, Bjarni took on many responsibilities, including becoming a member of numerous trading committees from SÍS with Poland, Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union (1964-1968).

Bjarni always had an ambition to be his own boss. He had a strong character and firm convictions and he believed that they would be of most use to him if he himself was in charge. Therefore, he left his job at SÍS and moved back to the United States where he founded a fish processing company with his brothers. This cooperation did not fare particularly well and Bjarni returned to Iceland in 1969 with his family.

Bjarni established The Icelandic Sales Agency Ltd. (Íslenska Umboðssalan hf.) in 1970 and it is fair to say that he dedicated all his energy to this company until his untimely death in 2000. Bjarni was the manager of The Icelandic Sales Agency for 30 years and in that time the company established itself as one of the major exporters of fish and fish products from Iceland. Conditions in the beginning were very difficult. In the early years of the company, trade cartels and monopolies characterised the export market.
Those who tried to establish a foothold in the market had a difficult time. However, Bjarni's conviction was unwavering. He increased competition in exports that increased the value of the products and also provided better services to his customers. A sound educational background along with extensive experience in the export market and the fishing industry in general were the foundations for the management of The Icelandic Sales Agency. The chief characteristic of The Icelandic Sales Agency has always been constant exploration of new markets with both new and traditional products, coupled with keeping in close touch with the development of export markets abroad. Today, more than 30 years after the establishment of the company, the same basic goals are sought:

To provide excellent service to producers and the best prices for their products at any given time.

To provide excellent service to customers and a steady supply of fish products at any given time.

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